"Trinity Demask has one of those voices that gives your heart and spirit a double-take. Wonderful songwriting, great production. 'Crucible' is a gem!"
- Wendy Wham, KUNC 91.5 FM Greeley, CO

"After a seeming eternity between releases, Trinity Demask returns under her own name, with an album's worth of material that places her squarely in the ranks of singer-songwriters like Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke."
- Chris K., host of "The Colorado Sound" radio show (KRFC 88.9 FM, Fort Collins)

The first thing that grabs you about Trinity Demask is her voice. Captivating, and soulful, it harbors a warm, rootsy twang and can be both calming and pack a powerhouse rock punch. It reflects the passion, vulnerability, and honesty of her melodically infectious songwriting.

Trinity honed that voice singing to her pets as a child and alone in her car as an adult, but when it came to singing to a human audience, fear of rejection kept her silent. "By the time I made my singing debut, I was in my thirties. I've since discovered it's not uncommon for people, especially women who tend to nurture others and put their own desires last, to have shelved talents or dreams. Finally, they reach a point in their mid-thirties or later when they ask themselves, 'if not now, when?'"

Trinity began performing professionally in 2001 just months after playing at her first open mic. She steadily earned a devoted following who appreciated not only her music, but her disarming wit and humor. The Indie Acoustic Project named her first CD Venus In Retrograde (released under her band name Third Road Home) "one of the best CDs of 2004" in the acoustic ensemble category, and her follow-up Crucible was named "one of the best CDs of 2009" in the lyrics category. Her bluegrass-infused tune Whatever Is was selected for the 2004 New Song Showcase at the popular Walnut Valley Festival and was included in mvyradio's Fresh Produce #1 CD Sampler.

Her third release Elemental is as confessional, intimate, and lyrical as her prior work. The underlying theme is the elemental experience of love and connection; from the excitement and hope of new and rediscovered love, to the heartache of abandonment, grief, and loss. Poetic, stirring, and often profound, the twelve tracks range from upbeat and exuberant to haunting and transformative.

"I always describe my music as a soundtrack for life's little detours, breakdowns, and roadside revelations. Each album is a chronicle of my personal journey, whether written from my experience or events I've observed. Even in my darkest moments, I've focused on the journey and the light of hope. Life is all about the journey. That's the message I often convey in my songs. Show up, stare down those fears, embrace your vulnerability, and keep moving forward. There's bound to be something unexpected and beautiful around the next corner."

Trinity's optimism isn't blind faith. It's the voice of experience. From her own difficult childhood - she lost her father to cancer when she was twelve - to the lives of those she served while working with the homeless in Denver, Trinity has known hardship and heartache. But she found hope and healing in music.

"Music has always been my closest companion and the source of my greatest inspiration. My path in life would be drastically different if I didn't have the soundtrack that I did. I owe those artists a huge debt of gratitude. Music should move your body, challenge your mind, open your heart, and expand your awareness. That's what I've found in the music that inspired me and that's what I strive to create with my own songs."

It's this philosophy that makes Trinity Demask's music more than entertainment. It is songwriting at its most empowering, expressed with a voice that purely and poetically shares the profound nature of being human.

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